Multi bag filter vessels


Multi- bag vessel
• Heavy duty design for industrial applications with Non-code
• With three flow line type:
Side in and side out
Side in and bottom out
Bottom in and bottom out
• With three cover opening & closures type:
V-clamp hinged cover & spring assisted
Swing bolt hinged cover & spring assisted
Davit opening cover
• Max. working pressure: 150psi(10bar)
• Max. temperature: 250°F(120℃)
• Material: type 304/316L stainless steel is available
• Seal: standard is Buna-N; EPDM, Viton, Teflon is option
• Finish: standard is glass bead;
• Connection: raised face 150-lb ANSI flange
• Filter bag: for bag filter size 01# & 02#
• Top cover with NPT vent or gauge ;NPT drain on the bottom.
• Heavy duty stainless steel support legs is standard
• Model: from 3 to 24 bags

• V-clamp hinged cover      swing bolt hinged cover      Davit opening cover

• Davit opening cover (Multi-bag vessel_#2×17bags)